We are so thankful we were referred to Therapy SPOT for feeding therapy- we were unaware of this resource! Our daughter requires double the amount of calories because of Cystic Fibrosis, but we were having severe issues getting her to eat anything. Caroline presented a variety of resources and tools to help our daughter eat from a spoon and accept various textures. We have been so impressed with the progress our daughter has made. We love the Therapy SPOT!!

Amanda and Marshall, parents of Merritt

We love having a local clinic to provide our 3 year old son with speech, occupational and physical therapy services. The Therapy Spot’s dedication to helping our son achieve his potential is obvious in the way that they interact with him and with us- all 3 of his therapists feel like a part of our family. He actual enjoys therapy now and continues to make great strides in his development thanks to the hard work of everyone at The Therapy Spot.

Jeff and Fay, parents of Brady

We are so pleased to be clients of The Therapy Spot. Aislynn began receiving speech therapy at The Therapy SPOT when she was two years old. Aislynn, was severely speech delayed and unintelligible. Now at the age of four, she has made remarkable progress. Aislynn has gone from having a vocabulary of very few words to hundreds, she has gained confidence in herself, developed better pronunciation, and has really had fun while learning. Aislynn is excited and looks forward to therapy every week. The therapists there are extremely knowledgeable in the methods of therapy that have been successful for our daughter. They also provide parents with an understanding of language development and teach effective techniques to use outside of therapy sessions that can be incorporated into every-day routines. We highly recommend The Therapy SPOT and can’t thank you enough for the incredible work she does with our daughter.

James and Deanne, parents of Aislynn

Even though Travis showed a need for therapy, he never qualified through the school because his grades were good and he was performing well academically. After slipping through the cracks, finding a local group of speech therapists was a blessing. They taught our son the proper techniques for correct speech and educated us at the same time so we could continue his therapy at home. It was the best decision we could have made for our child!

Bonnie, mother of Travis

Our daughter Olivia has received therapy at The Therapy SPOT since she was 3 months old. The amount of love and dedication that the therapists have shown to her is amazing, and she has grown and thrived because of their continued involvement with her speech and feeding issues. We are so very thankful that the Bulloch County area has such caring and highly qualified Speech Pathologists to help our daughter reach her full potential.

Katherine and Shane, parents of Olivia

When we began receiving therapy at The Therapy SPOT, my son was nine months delayed in oral development due to an autoimmune condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. His situation presented a complicated challenge that few were equipped to tackle: due to severe food reactions, he was only able to tolerate a special medical formula. Although solid food plays a huge role in oral development, his SLP found innovative, non-food methods of stimulating his oral strength and addressing his extreme sensitivity to new shapes and textures. She is warm, compassionate and great about educating me so that I can take our work home to further help my son. He has improved by leaps and bounds in a way I know would have never happened if we hadn’t found the loving, knowledgeable, creative individuals at The Therapy SPOT.

Jennifer, mother of Owen (age 22 months)

Ever since therapists at The Therapy SPOT have been working with my son JoJo, we can actually have conversations now! I have discovered that my child is hilarious! He has a great sense of humor and he makes me laugh all the time! Who knew? Thanks Therapy SPOT!

Heidi, mother of JoJo

My daughter, Ava, has received speech therapy since age three for articulation difficulties. She is now four and has made wonderful progress. Her speech therapist really provided great learning activities while focusing on the production of target sounds. This helps make therapy fun and interesting. Ava really enjoys therapy and tells me how much she loves her therapist. She really puts compassion and hard work into all that she does for her patients. We appreciate all she has done to help Ava!

Erin, mother of Ava and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist

We are so thankful for what The Therapy SPOT has done for James, he has come so far in just a few weeks. I think the one thing that warmed our hearts the most was him saying “Bye, Bye Mommy and Bye, Bye Daddy” for the first time. Him being able to tell us he wants juice or that he is hungry has made my life ten times easier during the day. I could go on and on about his progess, but those are just a few of the wonderful things he has done thanks to the Therapy SPOT!

Azure, mother of James who has autism spectrum disorder

Our speech therapist for my daughter was fantastic. She made the sessions fun and I saw exceptional progress from my daughter.

Laura, mother of Abby Born with cleft palate